Vision of PER KENTEC Global Solutions

About PER KENTEC Global Solutions

Providing a new method, a new state of mind, and a new environmental standard — Over the century, garbage has been inefficiently processed, water has been mistreated, and scrap tires have piled up. As a company, we strive to provide a solution—to harness all potential energy. We're here to change minds.

PER KENTEC Global Solutions envisions to...

Provide communities with a clean and beautiful environment through the use of cutting-edge technology while preserving valuable resources for future generations.

Core Values:

  • Dedication through perseverance, responsibility, honesty
  • Trust
  • Dedication
  • Trust through confidence, respect, cooperation
  • Innovation
  • Innovation through change, challenge, action
  • Advocacy for environmental improvement for future generations through environmentally responsible technologies
  • Management for national competitiveness and business development by providing unprecedented technologies
  • Training of quality personnel who can contribute to business development through information management