Nick Autrey has over 40 years experience in market development with a variety of industries including the financial industry, sporting goods industry, chemical industry and electronic transaction industry. He has served as a member and on the board of the ATMIA, SGMA, ETA, DSA. Advertising and market development is Autrey’s specialty. Known as first to market specialist Autrey has implemented programs that he created in the Electronic Transaction Industry that are still being used today with Financial Institutions in the U S. Autrey also created a marketing model for the Sporting Goods Industry that have helped High School Athletic Associations thrive while providing exposure and support to the products new products and companies with low budgets. Autrey also created model marketing techniques for chemical companies to gain a pathway to market to Municipalities, Schools and Government Facilities with the Bid System. Autrey’s family has been involved in politics for generations producing, Legislator, Lt. Governor, Sheriffs, Judge’s and many other political offices both in Republican and Democratic Parties. Autrey has also served as Chairman of Butler County Democratic Party and on the Alabama Democratic State Executive Committee. The ability to create successful campaigns in business and politics has provided enormous treasure of valued contacts.