Mr. Mathias Lee, CEO, PER Kentec North America and PER Global Solutions has established himself as a Global Leader for his Companies, his Faith and his associates.
Mr. Lee has created a network of contacts and success stories across the Globe with various industries including the oil industry with KNOC and OPEC, and with Ship Building, Engineering, Construction Groups with DSME, KEPCO, POSCO E&C. With some 30 plus years of management and leadership Mr. Lee has been recognized throughout the world as an innovator and a business leader that can deliver profits and success across borders.
Mr. Lee has developed relationships and created markets for several different industries in multiple Countries like Germany, UK, Nigeria, Romania, Nigeria, Turkey, France and Monaco. Widely respected as a Champion for the Environment Waste to Energy projects are taking root in the United States and abroad.
With the current projects and demands Mr. Lee has recruited a winning team of experienced Professionals that have a unique and diverse skillset. A Team with experience in Legal, Accounting, Compliance, Finance, Securities and public and private offerings accommodate the great vision for this outstanding leader. Recruiting marketing experts with successful experience in building marketing concepts in the U.S. and internationally to build on the base Lee has established.

Mathias Lee is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn