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South Korean Waste to Energy Company Interested in Building Plants in Alabama
Mr. Mathias Lee and his Partner Mr. Sung Chung Kim will be in Alabama Monday through Wednesday Holding meetings to introduce their permanent solutions to the growing problems with Solid Waste Disposal in Alabama. The Kentec Energy plants have been operating for nearly 2 decades in South Korea and throughout Europe. These plants take in Municipal Solid Waste and through a sophisticated gasification process turn the Solid Waste into safe inorganic ash while producing electricity.
The average person produces 4-4.5 lbs. of solid waste and with Alabama’s population should create 10,000-12,000 tons per day of solid waste for Alabama Landfills or Incinerators. However, Alabama has permitted some 90,000 tons per day to Alabama Landfills. Albeit all Permitted Landfills are operating within the law and guidelines set by the EPA and Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Alabama has become a national dumpsite for 48 states. Trains and Trucks bring in tons of solid waste to Alabama including sludge from waste water plants in New York and New Jersey. Issues and questions have created major concerns to citizens all over the state including West Jefferson Alabama.

Chief Operating Officer Nick Autrey states “the problems are always easy to identify it is the solutions that change our direction and make us better. Mr. Lee and Mr. Kim will be in Birmingham Monday introducing a badly needed solution to this growing problem”. Autrey further states “We will be hosting a luncheon at the Renaissance Hotel on Tuesday at 11:30 to discuss permanent solutions to MSW to Montgomery and surrounding communities. Afterwards we will hold a Press Conference to explain this awesome technology and how it can work safely in communities throughout Alabama”
This permanent solution is projected to be no cost to the Alabama Taxpayer as the current budget for solid waste disposal coupled the production of “Green Energy” should be sufficient to fund plants throughout Alabama. A current plan estimates some 26 locations in Alabama treating nearly 12000 tons per day of solid waste can produce 1700 new jobs in Alabama. This production can also create Alabama Energy that can be sold to Power companies in Alabama.
Press Conferences will be held at the Renaissance Hotel at 2:30pm on Tuesday and the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery. “Alabama has outstanding leadership throughout Alabama State Government and our team has worked hard behind scenes with ADEM, Alabama PSC and other government officials and officials with Alabama Power and AMEA to develop a strategy for our company and solution coming to Alabama” says CEO Mathias Lee.

For more information about these Press Conferences you may call (334)740-9170.

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