PER Kentec Technology

Understanding the PER KENTEC technology

The world's landfills get closer and closer to reaching capacity. More and more incinerators are being regulated and shut down. In recent years, the great potential of energy held within the garbage we were simply dumping has become an interest. The PER Kentec technology was developed while striving to address all of those factors. This advanced method of waste disposal not only tackles garbage, it provides a sustainable method in which it can be done in an eco-friendly manner all while producing clean energy that can be consumed in our everyday lives. With the volatile pricing of crude oil, electric power is proving to be the more stable resource in the marketplace. 

The PER KENTEC is capable of treating mass amounts each day of all combustible forms of waste and maximizes power production with the ability to generate 5.1 MW/h or even more from a single operating unit.

What is the PER KENTEC method?

PER KENTEC is the optimum waste treatment and energy recovery technology the world has to offer. Wastes of all forms are brought to the facility, processed and passed through the system for disposal. Once the wastes are treated, various forms of renewed energy are produced, mainly electricity. Depending on the capacity of the plant, power can be generated in amounts from 0.51 MWh to 10.21 MWh. T and an PER Oil system attachment can be added to convert scrap plastics to diesel quality oil. PER KENTEC boasts world class environmental capabilities as well, with each of the 14 operating plants easily satisfy all regulations and standards in place.(PER KENTEC also approved by Public Utility Regulatory Act of 1978 (PURPA), power companies mandated to purchase power from PER KENTEC facilities.