PER Kentec is a new technology that addresses environmental and economical concerns by managing waste in large volumes with zero to nominal emissions and air pollutants. There are no pollutant discharges because unsorted waste material is treated by using gasification, rather than burned. This new technology revolutionizes existing, eco-friendly endothermic treatment processes and makes them cost-effective and viable on a large scale.
The PER Kentec plant minimizes all possibilities of air pollution. It emits zero to minimal amounts of smoke, CO2, or dioxins. Dust and sulfuric acid were emitted far below the environmental standards.
The PER Kentec plant is capable of treating toxic wastes, whether they be from factories or hospitals.
5 MW/h of power can be generated from treating 100 tons per day of waste input. With the oil conversion add on, about 80% of plastic feedstock is converted into diesel grade fuel. Without directly burning the waste, clean and safe by-product are generated.
5 Mw/h of power based on 100 tons of combustible wastes per day, and 80% of petroleum based products such as plastics and vinyl converted into oil.
The PER Kentec system is able to constantly treat waste in large volumes. One modular unit is capable of treating up to 100 tons each day and can be customized to fit any project.