CEO Greeting

Thank you for your interest in PER KENTEC Global Solutions' products and technologies.

At PER, we are dedicated to serve the world as the provider of unique, cutting-edge technologies that are unparalleled in their capabilities. PER technologies are the recipient of many prestigious awards and recognitions presented by various Korean government agencies.

PER's mission is to become the world's leading provider of clean waste to energy technologies while keeping a cleaner environment as our vision and focus. PER offers unique technologies that can safely dispose of residential, commercial, industrial and even toxic wastes — in mass amounts. When the waste is processed, the facilities generate forms of renewed energy. The use of indirect heat during the PER Kentec process prevents emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Global warming is no longer a regional issue but an international concern. Every country in compliance with various environmental regulations is kept under constant vigil — monitored 24 hours a day via satellite — for carbon dioxide discharge. Furthermore, green technology is becoming a priority in the agenda of global leaders.

We ask for the opportunity to address the world's waste disposal issues. With our innovative technologies, we are committed in fighting for a cleaner Earth for all of humanity.

Thank you.

Mathias Lee